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  • The Birds in Branch are just what my mother needs to create favors for her 20 member book club. This club has been meeting for 92 years and is one of our town's women's groups. The women range in age from 24-90 and they all try to outdo each other with the meeting favors.

    - Glenn

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"Just received them yesterday! We have put two doves on the top of our tree our whole married life…30 years. They have been looking very worn over the past couple of years and when I unwrapped them this year, they were practically bald…time for new ones! The ones we received from you were perfect and we look forward to putting them on the tree tonight! Happy Holidays!"

Lucy and Don


"Thanks- very happy with the product! We are attaching them with glue gun to the place seating table assignment cards at my daughter's wedding- as they also wanted us to attach a package of milkweed seed to each card as well. We bought the packages of milkweed seed to hand out after my son in law said that the monarch population has been declining due to many reasons-but US Fish and Wildlife entered into a partnership with two private conservation groups, the National Wildlife Federation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, to grow milkweed like crazy across the country in the hopes of saving as many monarchs as possible. The plan is to make the plant widely available at nurseries. So these little packages we are giving out and requesting that our guests plant in their backyard is our way of trying to help re build up the monarch butterfly's home and food source. So that's how we're using your product."



" My Christmas house is decorated with red birds.....the tree, the light fixture of my dining table, the dining table center piece, and all other garlands have red birds and gold in them. Oh, and one bird escaped and is sitting on top of my window valance. Your birds are the prettiest of them all so they hold center stage."



"The Birds in Branch are just what my mother needs to create favors for her 20 member book club. This club has been meeting for 92 years and is one of our town's women's groups. The women range in age from 24-90 and they all try to outdo each other with the meeting favors :)"


The bees that I order look good. I am using the bees for a bee hive cake that I am giving my niece as a gag. She just gave me a gag cake of a trash can with all kinds of artificial insects and trash can contents on it. My turn for some sweat revenge ;-).
Thanks for making artifical bees!

Dear Mr. Kirchenbauer,
thank you for the gorgeous butterfly's. the pink and white garland is 100 times prettier in person. All thees decorations will be used at my daughter's wedding in Jerusalem, Israel. If you wish I would be happy to share some photos in September.
best wishes,

Hi Jim! The artificial butterflies are a great product! I only had an issue with the butterflies falling off the wire... but that's easily remedied with a little glue. As for how I used your product, I made a butterfly fascinator for my upcoming baby shower. It really looks amazing. Thanks for making a beautiful and useful product!

Thank you the butterflies are beautiful! I will be using the butterflies in my wedding decor on Sept. 9th.
Where Mike and I are getting married at Fontana Village NC. Deep in the Great Smokey mountains. There are many hiking trail. One of which I call Butterfly trail because while Mike was fishing in the creek I was laying on a rock and counted hundreds of butterflies go down the creek. I have never seen so many. Hince the reason for my love of butterflies.
I am excited to add them as a special touch to our wedding decor.
Thank you
LeAnna Lovell

We are making a bunch of summer hats for our employee appreciation event (Hats Off to You) and they are a perfect addition to the flowers. Nice size, prompt shipping. will leave positive feedback and keeep you in mind for future craft projects.
susan anderson

My Grand kids loved this for the sandbox and my Daughter thought this was really neat also. Thanks.
Thank you for my artificial bird order. They were exactly what I was looking for. We used them on the little memorial tree we have for my 17 month old daughter who passed away this past December. If you'd like to see a picture and read a little more about it, go to:
Thank you for your fast shipping! I have left positive feedback for you.

The bees I ordered are perfect! I plan to use them in table arrangements for a volunteer Board luncheon. I have made beehives out of planters covered with sisal rope--the bees will be buzzing about, some on wire, some not. I searched all over town for bees at every craft/hobby store, fabric store, Pier One, WalMart, etc., to no avail. Was glad to find them on eBay! jf

...I heard many say they loved the large doves. Thanks for your help last year. The doves worked perfectly. Anne

Thanks for following up on your recent sale. Another homeschooling mom and I used the birds/nests in centerpieces for our homeschooling group's high school graduation ceremony on Saturday May 19. Our kids and families loved the birds!
Thanks again!
Tammy Smith

Everything went well, thank you. I am actually going to use these in a way you have never heard of. My dad has restored the barn on his farm, it is more like a "rustic museum" now, with various old farm parts equip, etc. In the hayloft area, is an old crank type phone, and running across the hayloft is some old wire, to mimic telephone wire, wrap around old glass insulators. I am going to use some hot glue, to mount the birds on the wire, for a little more "realistic detail".

The butterflies and dragonflies are really pretty. I'm going to use them at a wedding shower. I'm making these big pom pom flowers out of tissue paper to hang from the ceiling and the insects will be "abuzzing" plus will use on tables in centerpieces. Thanks for the followup. DianeJ

I have an artificial pine tree in my office and my co-workers enjoy helping me with seasonal decorations. Christmas, Valentines, St. Paddy's, Easter, and now spring – we bought small bird houses, feathers, one lady crocheted several nests which we filled with easter malted milk eggs, perched the birds on the branches – it's the cutest thing!

I'm using the parrots to decorate the dessert (cupcake) trays at my Hawaiian themed wedding!
They are very cute!

they are very nice, putting them in the vases of wildflowers for tables for my daughter's June wedding!


Hi Jim,

I am very happy with my order, as the birds are adorable.

Since you are interested in what I have planned for the little birds, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to decorate my Christmas tree with a few. Instead of bows on a couple of gifts, I'm going to use some artificial greenery with a little bird perched on top of the gifts. Then, I found a cute project on-line where you take either a lantern-style bird feeder or a candlelight lantern, wrap some artificial pine garland and ribbon around it, and attach a couple of birds to it. It will look beautiful hanging outside on my front porch during the winter months. I will bring it inside however, should it rain, sleet or snow, so that the little birds won't be damaged. I'm going to make one for my friend also, as she's also a bird lover like me.

I will be a returning customer, once I get my projects completed and come up with some more ideas. I would be interested in some life-like artificial chickadees, Baltimore orioles, and robins, should your store get any in stock.

Best regards,

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your excellent service. I bought the butterflies for some hats that I'm making. Enclosed are photos of two of my original designs.

We'll also be using the butterflies for decorating the glass display case where my daughter works sometime this summer.



Dear Jim,

Your email indicated that you like to know how your product is used. I have a baby boutique with manufactured and homemade items. I was walking through the craft store looking for things to make baby headbands out of and came across the feather butterflies, but they only had two kinds I liked. So, I looked for some on ebay and came a cross your store, which is also better priced. The first time I had the headbands in a trade show they sold amazingly. They were unique, cute and I can sell them at a reasonable price.

I don't have a picture at this time but if you were interested I can get one for you.

Best Regards
Crystal Nordstrom

you are too nice. I'm hosting a shower and the grooms name is Bluejay. that is his given name. am using those in decoration some how.
i'll give you all 5 stars on the feedback when i have time thanks

...they are great!

The birds and little nests arrived to me in Australia safe and sound on Friday. Thanks for packaging them so beautifully - they arrived in excellent condition and are lovely.

Kind regards,

I like the butterflies. I'm a painter, mixed media too, so I glue them on.I'm sure I'll be ordering some more of different kinds in the near future. I appreciated the free shipping. Cassie

I was very pleased with the doves and was glad that they arrived promptly.
Connie L.

Love the butterflies. That is our symbol at Hospice and they will look great on our arrangements at the Spring Luncheon. Great service. Great product and really like the gal that answers the phone. She must love her job and it shows. Makes one feel good about ordering from the net.


Thanks for your prompt order- the crows were perfect! We used them in a spoof on Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" at my job with adult stroke patients.

Much appreciated,

G. A.

I received the branches w/nests today. I have a shop, I will be using these in florals that I make. I like them a lot, Connie

Jim I loved the birds will be ordering more. Thanks Mark C. McCullough, Open Hands Seed Project

Thanks for this message. I have been looking for artificial birds and found it thru you! I was very happy I found what I wanted and even called your office about it!

The birds are beautiful and just the right size for my set of 3 christmas trees for next year! Colors are beautiful too! I love birds, real birds even as a child and even raised some. So i want them for my tree as well....again thank you and rest assured I will buy more from your great store.

Happy new year and be well always...

Luis Mercado


Thank you for your follow-up. I do like the birds. My plan is to make Christmas decorations with them.

Best regards,

I'm glad you had them in stock, I saw them earlier at a Floral wholesale place in my town, but unfortunately when I went to purchase them they were gone. The Cardinals were used to make Centerpieces for a birthday celebration for my husband's aunt who turned 75 and loves cardinals. They were simple lighted winter branches with 2 cardinals perched on each centerpiece. She loved them! Thanks again for offering them. Maryann

I bought three dozen little feathered birds - cardinals and others - and used them to decorate my door wreath and garlands at Christmas. They made an utterly spectacular showing.

I will save them until next year to use on the mantle and Christmas tree and will visit you in the fall for new ideas for a wreath and garlands.

Many thanks.

Patti Rockhill

No sooner did I send off my last email and my package arrived within the hour and all I can say is Oh My God!!! I am so impressed with the quality of these butterflies the pics on E-bay do not do them justice at all! I am working on a project for next Halloween and you can thank Martha Stewart for my order as her idea with the floating butterflies all around her head in one of her costumes. I am vamping it up a bit as I am going to add some glitter to each butterfly before attaching them to an Asian inspired wig and then recreate the Luly Yang butterfly gown and sew a sheer gold organza formal kimono (with long sleeves to the floor) to go over the dress with butterflies attached to that also. I will be the ultimate Madame Butterfly. I know its still Christmas but I am Halloween nut. So in leaving I want to thank you for such a high quality product, I hope I can do them justice with my costume. Sincerely your new customer... Katherine.

Very pleased as always!! I use your bees to accent the beeswax candles I make - they are the perfect accent and my customers love them. Thank you!


Hi Jim,

I hope this finds you having an enjoyable lead up to Christmas, I thought I would drop you this quick note to let you know how much my family is enjoying the white doves I have strategically hung over our Christmas tree.

They look beautiful and I have had many comments.

Thank you for the quick delivery, they arrived here in Australia all intact.

Well I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas with a safe and healthy New Year,

King Regards


Thank you for your prompt service. My friends and I will be making christmas ornaments this Saturday with the chickadees.

Patty S

Just wanted you to know that my order of the tiny birds is just perfect - I am putting them on my 22" goose feather tree. Use to be in doll business (no longer sell) but since I'm in my senior years I play on ebay for small dolls and etc to keep this old mind going and having fun at same time. Thanks again and will probably be ordering more stuff in future. gladys5

Thank you for your email, the birds were perfect. Size and very well packaged...and if need, i will buy again!!! Oh! The bird were used on a very woodsy Christmas tree...with lots of different colors of birds.. thanks afain

I was so surprised by the quality of the first batch Of red cardinals that I received that I decided To put them on a white Christmas tree.
Can't wait to get the rest of what I ordered.
Thanks again

I was so happy with Jackie the Bird. I got them for my sister for Christmas. She bought a spruce tree for her living room and she decided she would put little birds and nests all in it. The colors of the birds are lovley. I was well pleased and know she will be also. Thank you so much
Happy Holidays

I received the birds before Thanksgiving. I was thrilled to have them arrive so promptly. They are wonderful and I used them on my Christmas tree. Cardinals are my favorite bird and I have a large male that sits at the top... then I scatter more males and females over the rest of the tree. I decorate the tree with fruit and the birds (I have a birdhouse thrown in there, along with a couple of nests, "baby-sized" cardinals in the nest) and pinecones). I have a small condo that doesn't give me a lot of opportunity to decorate, so I go all out on my tree. Thanks so much for your prompt shipping. My Thanksgiving was all the better by having my tree completed.

Best wishes!

Janice M.

best little cardinals ever! mom started a tradition many years ago by putting them in our trees in the winter ...i'm carrying it on ...with your beautiful birds ...thanks and peace always, Nancy

OHMYGOD I just got my parcel today!

Not only am I super-pleased you sent it off so quickly - the birds are just beautiful! Thank you so much!



"Just wanted to let you know that I received butterflies today and i dont like them, I LOVE them :) The quality is fantastic and love the colors. Will be ordering more soon for sure."

Thanks Chrissy

love my butterflies!

"... The butterflies I just opened today are any bride´s dream! I will have my wedding in a 16th century palace overy looking the city of Toledo in Spain, so, if I am making such an investment with the venue, I want everything from the weather down to the napkins to be perfect, and, well, you butterflies will do a great job in keeping the high standards!! I can reassure people that these are the best butterflies they can find."


Pleased!!! with my order!

"I received my order from you today. The mushroom mallards are absolutely beautiful and add great beauty to our project! Far, Far better than we expected! The eggs are perfect and the butterflies are exquisitely awesome! ...Thanks again for the great quality of your products and the fast shipping as well. I have bookmarked your store and we be ordering again from you in future. I will also recommend you to my friends and family."

Linda H.

"We received our first order on the other day and everyone in the office loves the butterflies. Thank you for a great product, and even better service!!!"

Linda V.

"i just wanted to let you know the butterflies arrived safe and sound and they are even more beautiful than they looked on the website. fantastic!"


"This is just to tell you that I've perfectly received my order and I'm really happy with my tiny birdies, they're so lovely ! Thanks for your great services, fast shipping and great items !"

Karol ;)

"I'd just like to say thank you once again for the wonderful service you have provided over the past few weeks and for the great communication and correspondence you have provided during our purchases with Floraltrims.
The little birds arrived here on Tuesday, and are absolutely perfect!"


"...They were perfect and exactly what I was looking for! They arrived on time too :)"