Stephon the Metal Owl Decoration For Outdoor or Indoor Use 10 Inch (1 pc)


"Click on the picture to view more images of this product". Stephon the Metal Owl Decoration For Outdoor or Indoor Use. This Charming Owl is made out of Hand Painted Metal and can be used as an indoor or outdoor decoration. The Metal that he is made out of is thin and light weight. He is a Gold/Copper/Brown color with flecks of black. He has an alluring Copper/Gold colored facial discs (round areas surrounding his eyes) accented by a brown margin and a Gold throat. This Metal Owl's coloration will blend into any environment that he's place in and his glossy sheen adds a secret touch. Stephon stands on his own and measures 10" in height, from the top of his Ear Tufts to the bottom of his Talons (feet). He is 11 in length (along his back) and 3 in Width (across his chest). This Metal Owl resembles The Great Horned Owl. The Great Horned Owl is the largest Owl occurring in the southern United States. Stephon sells for $16.95 for 1 piece. The Great Horned Owl's name refers to its size (great) and its "horns," the ear tufts that help distinguish it from the other large owls. Click on the image above to see more pictures of Stephon the Metal Owl and ideas on how to use him in arrangements.

• Size 10
• Includes 1 piece
• Metal Owl
• SKU Q04124320B

Price: $16.95


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