Jeweled Butterfly Brown and Blue with Clip and Lavender Sheer Bag 4 Inch (6 pc)


Jeweled Butterfly Brown and Blue with Metal Clip. These unique butterflies come in 2 colors with 3 of each color. They come in Brown and Blue with decorative jewels. Each butterfly has a 4" wing span (from wing tip to wing tip) with satin paper wings and a metal clip on the back for easy attachment to any design. They also have blue or brown jewels on their hand painted wings for added details. These 6 Jeweled butterflies come in their own lavender sheer bag with a purple ribbon to close the bag with. Each butterfly is $1.00 with a minimum of for 6 pieces for $6.00. ON SALE NOW FOR $3.00 (SAVE 50%)

• Size 4"
• Includes 6 pieces
• Metal Clip for attachment
• Lavender Sheer Bag
• SKU 100835-837

Price: $6.00 $3.00 On Sale!

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