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  • The Birds in Branch are just what my mother needs to create favors for her 20 member book club. This club has been meeting for 92 years and is one of our town's women's groups. The women range in age from 24-90 and they all try to outdo each other with the meeting favors.

    - Glenn

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Artificial Frogs, Decorative Frogs, Artificial Fish and Turtles

Want to decorate your home or office with a frog theme? If so, you have come to the right place.


Here at Floraltrims, you will find a stunning selection of decorative frogs including Francis the Mushroom Frog Green with Spots, Hippide the Frog, Metal Green Frogs as a Pair For Outdoor or Indoor use, Floyd the Little Frog, and more. Made of high-grade materials, our fake frogs designed for indoor/outdoor use do not lose their appeal over time. Their striking appearance make them a perfect accent item for any surrounding. Their ornate and colorful look is sure to turn heads and impress your guests.


They look absolutely spectacular whether you hang them on a wall, stick on the floral arrangements, or display on the centerpieces. They have been beautifully hand-painted by talented artists in shades of greens, yellows, and other colors. Some of our frogs also have a glossy varnish over the paint to keep them protected. Besides this, they are available in different sizes and designs to suit diverse needs and preferences.


We welcome you to choose from our collection of artificial frogs and add a natural charm to your patio, deck, backyard or interiors. We are very sure that our fake frogs would help you add visual interest to your property.