Dharma & Greg Feathered Male and Female Cardinals on Perch (6 pc)


Dharma and Greg are Plump Feathered Male & Female Cardinals on a Perch with an 7" pick. Each Cardinal is 4 1/2" from the end of its beak to the tip of its tail feather. You will receive 3 Brown Female Cardinals and 3 Red Male Cardinals. They are $2.33 Each, minimum 6 pieces for $13.95. This Product is not recommended for Outdoor use. All products come from a smoke free environment. *Christmas and Cardinals - The scarlet cardinal carries on his wings glad tidings of Christmas cheer. Cardinals, often mistakenly called redbirds, are one of the most recognized members of the bird family. Male cardinals have feathers as bright red as the robes of the Roman Catholic dignitaries from which they get their name.

• Size 4 1/2" Birds
• Includes 6 pieces
• 8" Wood Pick
• SKU B320137A

Price: $13.95


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