Deidra the White Flocked Dove 9 Inch (1 pc)


"Click on the picture to view more images of this product". Deidra is a 9" White Flocked Dove. She is all white with beautiful white feathers on her wings and tail feather. She measures 9" from the tip of her beak to the tip of her tail feather. Deidra's body length is 4 1/2" (from her head to her bottom) and 2 1/4" in width. Each wing is 4 1/2" and they are slightly adjustable (gently)for a unique touch to any arrangement. She has wire on her feet for easy attachment to your Christmas Tree or Holiday arrangement. Her delicate eyes are black with a delicate white beak and two little decorative “pearl” accents on top. Deidra is 9" from the tip of her beak to the bottom of her tail feather. She is $4.25 for 1 piece. This Product is not recommended for Outdoor use. All products come from a smoke free environment. Click on the image above to see more pictures of Deidra and ideas on how to use her in wreaths or arrangements.

• Size 9"
• Includes 1 piece
• Wire for attachment
• SKU B109

Price: $4.25


Deidra the White Flocked Dove 9 Inch (1 pc)
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Deidra the White Flocked Dove 9 Inch (1 pc)
9" white dove
When my mom was killed, instead of flowers, I received an arrangement of a white dove attached to a wheat background. I really loved this arrangement and it's been hanging on my wall for 29 years whereas the funeral flowers are long gone. When I became "flower girl" at my church, I wanted to make the same arrangement for those who lose loved ones. I spent hours on Google trying to find large white birds and finally found you! I ordered 3 birds and within 2 weeks we had 3 deaths in the church! In fact 2 were the mothers of a married couple. I could not find the wheat but found green leaves to tie the dove to and I think they really look nice. So now I am out of stock so am ordering more to have on hand.