Dawson II the Feather Bald Eagle 6 1/4 Inch (6 pc)


Dawson II the Feather Bald Eagle. He has a white and dark brown firm foam body with added details on his feathers. His wing feathers are a dusty brown that are accent with a brown felt overlay where they attach to his body. His wings lay regal against his body. His white tail feather compiments his stark white neck and head. Dawson's yellow beak and eyes add the stricking traditional bald eagle tademark to this bird. Dawson is 6 1/4" from the top of his white head to the bottom of his white feather tail and his body's width is 2 1/2". He also has wire on his feet for easy attachment to any design. He is $2.00 each with a minimum of 6 Dawsons for $12.00.

• Size 6 1/4"
• Includes 6 pieces
• Wire for attachment
• SKU D4769

Price: $12.00

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