Daisy II the White Feather Dove 3 Inch (6 pc)


Daisy II the White Feather Dove with a White delicate body is 3" from tip of her beak to end of her tail feathers. Her body length is 2" (from her head to her bottom) and 1" in width. Each of her wings measure 2" in size from the wing tip to the body. Daisy's wings are slightly adjustable and will add more details to any design. Daisy has a wire on each foot for easy attachment to your Christmas Tree or arrangement. She is $1.90 each with a minimum of 6 pieces for $11.40. Legend holds that if doves appear on your wedding day, a happy home shall prevail. Doves mate for life and for centuries doves have symbolized peace, love and fidelity. This Product is not recommended for Outdoor use. All products come from a smoke free environment.

• Size 3"
• Includes 6 pieces
• Wire for attachment
• SKU B103

Price: $11.40


Daisy II the White Feather Dove 3 Inch (6 pc)
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Daisy II the White Feather Dove 3 Inch (6 pc)
I love my doves and they look beautiful on our tree. You can open the wings out a little bit and it makes them look like they are about to fly off the tree. And the wire on their feet make it so easy to hang them....