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Butterfly Decorations in Photo-shoots

This Holiday Arrangement was designed by Carol Borlin of Borlin Florist & Orchids. The floraltrim’s product that was used in this arrangement is Roberta, the Singing Red Long Tailed Bird 8 Inch. You can use the search button at the top of our website to locate Roberta to purchase.

Submitted by Lynn

Hello all the lovely folks at Floraltrims! I just wanted to send you a pic or two of the butterfly dress I made for Book Character Day at the school library I work at this year! I finished the dress on Thursday night and wore it on Friday!! :D I went as Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. :) If you want to read about how the event went, I posted a journal on my deviantart page: http://berpi.deviantart.com/ I hope you enjoy the pics. :) Thanks so much for posting that second batch of butterflies to me so quickly! Unfortunately I ran out a SECOND TIME ... so I had to make do with about a hundred or so more fabric ones I made by hand to fill the gaps! I think it looked pretty together overall, though. God bless and take care, and "May the odds be ever in your favour", as Effie would say. ;) Erin

Submitted by Erin

Submitted by Jennie

Butterfly Decorations in Photo-shoots

Model: Meet “Kitty” the Dog

Submitted by Lynn

Submitted by George

Butterfly Wreath

Submitted by MM

Submitted by Drew

Submitted by Sherry


Submitted by Kat

Submitted by Alexandra

Submitted by Diane

Submitted by Stuart

Submitted by Jennifer

Submitted by Norm and Sue

Submitted by Kelly

Submitted by Melaine

Submitted by Patty S.

Submitted by Anne.

Submitted by Amy.

Cat Furniture Project: Made with Floraltrim's birds, nests and eggs. Submitted by Dawn.

Linda and Wayne Harris Pond Waterfall Project

Model: Janel Royal
Photographer: Bryce Murdoch of bmurphoto (http://bmurphoto.photoshelter.com/)
Hair/Make-up: Allanah Mundy