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  • The Birds in Branch are just what my mother needs to create favors for her 20 member book club. This club has been meeting for 92 years and is one of our town's women's groups. The women range in age from 24-90 and they all try to outdo each other with the meeting favors.

    - Glenn

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Christmas Decorations, Christmas White Doves, Christmas Cardinals

Birds make a nice decoration for your Christmas tree or everyday arrangements.

Christmas tree decorating ideas:

Birds in Nests - Swedish legend has it that a bird nest in your Christmas tree will bring you a year of Health, Wealth and Happiness. What could be a better Christmas ornament than Floraltrims' arts and crafts feather bird in a nest? Perfect also for any floral arrangement.

Christmas Cardinals - The scarlet cardinal carries on his wings glad tidings of Christmas cheer. These arts and crafts feather birds make a perfect Christmas ornament or addition to any floral arrangement.

White doves are symbols of love, faith and peace. They adorn many Holiday floral arrangements and are closely associated with Christmas.

At, we present an exclusive selection of Christmas ornaments which give a classy appeal to the Christmas tree as well as the home. Use these glimmering ornaments to create a timeless look. Incorporate the highest quality Christmas birds which make a nice decoration for your Christmas tree or everyday arrangements. Your tree will look a lot more elegant and captivating by adding these mesmerizing birds. It will also reflect your sense of style and your taste of decoration. Color-laden birds and butterflies are one of the beautiful decorative elements that you must add to your tree.

Christmas butterflies and birds from are available in a broad range of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose the creature of your choice from an extensive collection and deck your tree in a unique way. The birds and butterflies come in multi-packs mostly including 12 pieces. These wonderful ornaments are sure to enliven your tree and impress your guests.

Christmas tree is the focal point during the Christmas time, and every family enjoys trimming and decorating the tree. Every year, families decorate the tree with candles, hanging balls, birds, butterflies, and various other ornaments. Consider purchasing packs of different birds, butterflies this year and have a good time creating a memorable Christmas tree. With our Christmas ornament butterfly and birds, you can definitely have the finest tree in your neighborhood.