Halloween comes to life with Black Crows at floraltrims.com

Black Crows have always represented the spirit of Halloween from the classic works of Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe to the black birds of Alfred Hitchcock, Crows have played a major role in many Hauntingly inspired ideas for Halloween.  Crows remain a spooky backdrop to a traditional evening of Haunts, Tricks and Treats.  You will find many sizes and styles of Artificial Crows at floraltrims to help create your perfect evening.   From the decorations to your costume, we have so many choices here at floraltrims for you.

Our Artificial crows were used in Halloween inspired Costumes, Decorations and Photographs that appeared in “M Magazine, The magazine for Kansas City Moms” 2010.

halloween crows 2 001  halloween crows 001


Here are some of our Artificial Crows:

Radcliff our 6″ Feather black Crow (http://www.floraltrims.com/radcliff-crow-crows-black-feather-bird-6-inch.html)


Natasha our Standing 6″ Feather crow (http://www.floraltrims.com/natasha-standing-feather-black-crow-crows-6-inch.html)


Rudy our 18″ Black Feather Crow (http://www.floraltrims.com/rudy-crow-crows-black-feather-all-18-inch-wire-feet-blackbird-bird-birds.html)


“Bee” Inspired this Halloween at floraltrims.com

“Bee” inspired this Halloween with our artificial Bees and the many ways they can be used.  From costumes to decorations for your home, parties or haunted houses, our range of Artificial Bees, Crows, spiders and bugs are sure to keep the hauntingly good ideas flowing.  See below how creative our customers are with their unique ways in which they incorporated our products into their designs.  Please visit us at http://www.floraltrims.com/decorative-bugs.html to discover which of our products will inspire you.

(The Bee keeper Costume and “Cheese Platter” Decoration were featured in Martha Stewarts Halloween Magazines in 2009 and 2013)

md104880_hal09_beekpr_282_hd  Halloween bee 3 001


These stunning Bee Photographs of a girl were submitted to us from an extremely creative customer who had purchased our “Tim” (http://www.floraltrims.com/tim-honey-bee.html) artificial bees for her creations.

Halloween Bees 001    Halloween Bees 2 001

Artificial Monarch Butterflies bringing awareness to the possible extinction of the Monarch Butterflies in Nature…

Recently, one of our customers here at Floraltrims was kind enough to share with us how she had used the butterflies that she had purchased from us.  She had brought to our attention the concern for the Monarch butterflies in nature on how they might be going extinct.  Her use of our artificial butterflies (http://www.floraltrims.com/artificial-feather-monarch-butterfly-3-inch.html) to bring awareness to this cause is inspiring.  Here is what she wrote to us.

“We are attaching them with glue gun to the place seating table assignment cards at my daughter’s wedding- as they also wanted us to attach a package of  milkweed seed to each card as well. We bought the packages of milkweed seed to hand out after my son in law said that the monarch population has been declining due to many reasons-but US  Fish and Wildlife entered into a partnership with two private conservation groups, the National Wildlife Federation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, to grow milkweed like crazy across the country in the hopes of saving as many monarchs as possible. The plan is to make the plant widely available at nurseries. So these little packages we are giving out and requesting that our guests plant in their backyard is our way of trying to help re build up the monarch butterfly’s home and food source.    So that’s how we’re using your product.”  -Sheila

Thank you Sheila for your wonderful idea and positive actions towards helping natures beautiful butterflies.  We, at floraltrims have a strong fondness for butterflies which is why we have so many colors and sizes of artificial butterflies for you to choose from.  Just like in Nature, here at floraltrims, Butterflies come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  Please visit us at http://www.floraltrims.com/ for all your butterfly needs and share your ideas and creations with us too!


Artificial Butterflies and their Many Uses….

Artificial Butterflies add a special sentimental touch to many occasions.  Many people believe that butterflies symbolize spirit, representing freedom and beauty as they take flight. When we experience the vital connection between butterflies and nature, we tend to instinctively feel that peace and harmony are truly around us. Sympathy arrangements use butterflies to symbolically carry sentiments heavenward to be received by the intended.  Weddings create centerpieces, cakes, bouquets and other beautiful decorations that incorporate the butterflies.  Butterflies are becoming very popular as an enhancement for Holiday centerpieces, Christmas trees, wreaths, Christmas ornaments and other arts and crafts floral designer creations.  Butterflies have always been a favorite of little girls especially little butterflies that are accent on hairclips and bows.  At floraltrims, we have many sizes and colors of Artificial butterflies for you to choose from.  Come visit our website at floraltrims.com and enjoy all we have to offer you in our line which also includes artificial Birds, Bees, Bird Nests and Birdhouses.  Here is a link to these butterflies that were used in this photograph, http://www.floraltrims.com/butterfly-butterflies-feather-colorful-wire-glitter-orange-red-yellow-green-3-inch.html