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Bird Assorted II (12 pc)

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"Click on the picture to view more images of this product". Bird Assorted II with 12 assorted Foam and Feather birds. They come in 6 assorted styles, 2 of each. There is a wire on each birdís foot for easy attachment to your designs. All the birds will add brightness to any arrangement. Your Christmas Tree or Wreath will take on a Natural look if these birds are used. The measurements on these birds are measured from the top of their heads to the bottom of their tail feathers. The width of each bird is approximately 1 inch. This assortment includes 2 pieces of Bentley the Baltimore Oriole 3 1/4 Inch; 2 pieces of Ben Jr. the Grey, Black and Burnt Orange 2 3/4" Black Capped Chickadee; 2 pieces of Dean Jr. the Blue, Brown and White 2 1/2" Eastern Bluebird; 2 pieces of Gavin the Blue, White and Black 3 1/2" Blue Jay; 2 pieces of Jonas the Grey, Blue and White 2 1/2" Tufted Titmouse; and 2 pieces of Fredrick the Brown, Green and Yellow 2 1/2" Western Tanager. You receive 2 of each of these sweet birds to total 12 pieces per box. Each bird is $1.20 each with a minimum of 12 pieces for $14.40. This Product is not recommended for Outdoor use.

• Assorted Sizes, Approx. 2" to 3"
• Includes 12 pieces
• Assorted Birds
• SKU 0612362F,0715297F,0710322F,0715176F,0730850F,0612480F