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  • The Birds in Branch are just what my mother needs to create favors for her 20 member book club. This club has been meeting for 92 years and is one of our town's women's groups. The women range in age from 24-90 and they all try to outdo each other with the meeting favors.

    - Glenn
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Butterfly Garlands, Wedding Garlands, Artificial, Decorative, Feather Butterflies

Butterflies are a symbol of love, wisdom, freedom, dreams, and marital bliss. If you admire the beauty of these delicate fluttering creatures, incorporate the artificial ones in your floral arrangements, Christmas decorations, special events, store displays, home crafts, and office decor.


You will find an exotic range of artificial butterflies right here at “Floraltrims”. Our craft butterfly collection boasts of several exquisite designs and patterns to make your decorations sparkle. Currently, we have in stock satin paper butterflies, jeweled butterflies, feather butterflies, sheer butterflies, nylon butterlfies, glitter butterflies, and many others. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit varied needs and preferences. So, whether you want red, yellow, green, blue, pink or white butterflies in different sizes and patterns, look no further than our premier online store.


We also have a fabulous range of feather birds storks, peacocks, parrots, cardinals, pheasants, swans, flamingos, hummingbirds, bluebirds, ducks, wrens, roosters, partridges, chickadees, penguins, robins, crows, owls, blue jays, and more. We believe that the aura and ambiance of a setting depends on its adornments. Hence, we put forward only the best designs in artificial birds and butterflies for our dear customers.


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