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Florist supplies - purchase the highest quality artificial birds, feather butterflies and other floral trims for your professional floral designs and home craft projects.

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Artificial Feather Butterfly
Artificial Butterflies, Feather Butterflies and Butterfly Garland
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Artificial All Feather Birds
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Fall, Autumn and Halloween Items
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Foam, Fabric and Feather Birds, Artificial and Decorative Craft Birds
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All Artificial Birds and Decorative Feather Birds
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Christmas Decorations, Christmas Doves, Christmas Cardinals, and Craft Items
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Misc. Craft Supplies, Birdhouses, Indoor and Outdoor Metal Goods
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Artificial Ladybugs, Bees, Dragonflies, Grasshoppers, Crickets, and Decorative Insects
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Fairies, Fairy Gardens and Floral Picks
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Wedding Decorations
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Decorative Nests and Eggs for Craft Projects
Decorative Nests and Eggs
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Artificial, Decorative Frogs, Fish and Turtles
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Floral Supplies Sale Items
Florist Supplies and Crafts on Sale at
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New Artificial Butterflies and Fake Birds for Floral Crafts
New Items - Artificial Butterflies, Artificial Birds, Floral Supplies, Floral Crafts, Crafts Supplies
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Artificial Feather Butterfly Garlands and Clip Ons
Butterfly Garlands for Weddings and Holidays
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Artificial Butterfly Assortments
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Artificial Decorative Cardinals and Doves
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Artificial Birds, Birdhouses, Nests and Other Assortments

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Here you can shop for the things you need to decorate your Christmas tree, enhance your professional floral designs, and pursue your home craft projects. Our products are used in many places including home crafts, florists, garden centers, weddings, parties, holiday decorations, store displays, education, home office decor, and photo studios.

What Do We Offer?

At, we offer fabulous selection of the highest quality artificial birds, feather butterflies, and numerous other floral trims that look aesthetically appealing. You can also buy mushroom birds, artificial bugs, artificial bees, silk butterflies, satin paper butterflies, jeweled butterflies, floral butterflies from our easy to navigate online store. In addition to this, we also offer the finest Christmas decorations, wedding decorations, and more arts and crafts products which are specifically designed keeping the needs of home crafters as well as professional florists in mind.

One-Stop Shop For Professional Designers And Floral And Craft Industries is a one-stop destination for professional designers and a premium source of wholesale supplies for the floral and craft industries. Professional designers extensively use our craft birds, craft butterflies, and fake bees to enhance their creations. We pride ourselves because of highly competitive price, exclusive selection, and unparalleled service. All these attributes have resulted in a multitude of repeat clients who trust us and greatly depend on our high-grade supplies.

A Broad Range Of Decorative Birds

At, we have also displayed a large assortment of decorative birds including cardinals, swans, flamingos, parrots, pheasants, hummingbirds, bluebirds, woodpeckers, ducks, wood thrush, meadowlark, wren, pelican, roadrunner, partridge, roosters, chickadees, eagles, penguins, blue jays, and owls. These different types of birds can be incorporated in any floral arrangement, Christmas decoration, etc. to add a sense of style and a tinge of uniqueness to it. Our bird decorations include ceramic birds and bird houses. Other decorative items we carry include game fish, tropical fish, frogs, turtles, and fake bugs like lady bugs, grasshoppers, and crickets. – A Quality-Conscious Provider Of Floral Supplies

We have been in business for years and have gained immense experience in servicing floral and craft industries throughout the world. We are a quality-conscious provider of floral supplies and we have maintained high standards in the industry. When you shop from our store, rest assured to receive nothing less than the best. What are you waiting for? Begin your shopping spree right away. Choose the products you need, add them to your shopping cart, and have them delivered at your doorsteps. Isn’t it so easy?